Could this be the best song ever?

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I do not have the vocabulary to tell you why this is the best song ever but it is.

I find a little surprise in its every turn, with smoothness and whisper through the strings, to thunderous darbuka and kanun. The lyrics move me like no other – after all they are about a lover named “Leyla:”

Gülüm yaprağım soldu
Gönlüme hazân doldu
Bir ömür harâb oldu
Onu bilmiyor Leyla

 I have been obsessed about bringing this particular song to western sensibilities since forever. How would “Ruhuma Hicran” sound in a Punk/Ska genre? How do you transfer the 72-parts-to-an-octave and freestyle into the western game?

I dropped the original score into MuseScore, and it got stumped.

I asked my music minor wife to “please” just play on the piano what she “hears” and she got stumped. I put it on Elance and asked for a midi file of the song, and the outcome was a disaster. I know it is possible since I studied this very phenomenon (albeit on a much simpler scale) with a friend back in the day. Help me, o music lovers. Let’s put our creative minds together and do a Punk/Ska Ruhuma Hicran!

2012 UPDATE: Here is the draft Punk/Ska Ruhuma Hicran. Enjoy and make better. Ping if you want the MIDI file.

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