Imagine there was a putsch in the United States of America…

Imagine that the Capitol is being bombed while your senators are in it condemning a putsch, three helicopters full of navy seals storm Camp David to take out the president, two F-16s chase Air Force One that is flying the escaped POTUS with a commercial call sign to avoid missiles. Imagine that tanks and marines take over the Brooklyn Bridge and open fire on folks, F-16s take many low-altitude supersonic flights over DC and New York creating panic-inducing bomb-sounding booms. Imagine the public taking to the streets against the tanks, helicopters, and soldiers in unity and in masses, prompted by the bells of every single church in the land.
 Imagine hundreds are killed and thousands injured by the Semper Fi. Imagine F-16s bombing the SWAT headquarters of the Metro PD killing 50 lawmen.
 Then imagine there is probable cause that the mastermind Illuminati top guy behind ALL THIS HORROR lives in a mansion in Turkey. He was originally denied permanent residence by the Turkish national bureau of investigation but then the Turkish central intelligence agency officers intervened on his behalf in open court.
Imagine further that a reputable Turkish credit rating agency named S&P determines in two business days after the putsch that the American society is too politically fragmented to sustain an investable rating and takes you down to junk status despite the very fact that for the first time in 14 years folks from all walks of life are together.

And imagine Turkish newspapers are either

a) asking you to be “democratic” towards the captured soldiers, or
b) discussing various operational shortcomings of the putsch, or
c) stating that successful coup would bring democracy because the folks who stand up to a tank are undemocratic, and/or
d) POTUS choreographed all the above so that he can Watergate the hell of his opponents.
Can you imagine one tenth of this happening in the US? I can’t. I can just see a Hollywood production off of this in the future – it is incredible.
 Now, if you are patriotic I am pretty sure I know how you feel. The question is what would you do? What should the United States do?