Unsal Partners (UP) is a well-capitalized acquisition company looking to acquire an admiral ship and grow it exponentially in the United States.

With decades of world class experience and equity capital, we intend to provide immediate liquidity to our motivated seller, and an ability to see (and benefit from) their legacy reaching new heights.

An UP company is a great company to start with: Profitable (>$3m), loved by many customers, partners and employees after years of hard innovative work by its dedicated and capable leadership.

Harnessing AI and technology, accessing new markets, achieving top partnerships, acquiring other companies; anything to add value to the company and the world - Let's partner UP and do it together!


Oltac Unsal, Investor / Operator

28+ years in Tech Investing (100+ investments through Smyrna, USAID, IFC), International Development (World Bank, United Nations), Executive Management (Microsoft-turnaround, Cisco), Tech Entrepreneurship (5 semiconductor and enterprise software companies in Silicon Valley with exits), and Investment Banking (Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse First Boston). Stanford MBA.


Trilogy Search Partners

UP is backed by one of the best Search Fund Investors in the world.